Reported Visits

By Richard, 22 December, 2023

Since I had come all the way out there to dispose of some electronic waste, burnt-out lightbulbs, and dead batteries at the City of Toronto's drop-off point, I wondered how close I was to a microconfluence. It turns out I was really close. I couldn't get on the microconfluence itself, located in the gated-off non-descript building, since it was on the lot of Pinewood Studios.

By Richard, 16 December, 2023

While in East York to drop off some sweaters to get repaired, I took the opportunity to walk around the neighbourhood and play some location-based games, including visiting a microconfluence. Rather than take a photograph of the house this one was near, and because it seemed at the time to me to be located in the middle of the street, I took a photo of the maintenance hole cover. Coincidentally (or not coincidentally?!), it was right near a Little Free Library as well.

By Richard, 22 August, 2023

I was in The Danforth to pick up something I had bought from eBay, and had nothing planned in the evening, so I stuck around. I played Ingress, mostly to smash some Machina portals, and decided to play as many location-based games as possible, scouting a microconfluence being one of them. The microconfluence locator took me through an alleyway over to Jones Ave., and right at the intersection of that street and Danforth Ave. is Circus Books, which is right on a microconfluence!

By Richard, 7 August, 2023
If I were to walk down a steep hill, through trees, and to a river bank, and ultimately require a rescue, I would have landed on a microconfluence next to the Puntledge River in Courtenay, B.C. The edge of a road where there are trees, behind which is a steep cliff.
By Richard, 6 July, 2023
On the way to visit friends, I realized I was in a part of town new to me, the surroundings of Eglinton Station. "What a perfect time to look for a microconfluence," I thought. It turns out I was only 40 meters from one when I looked. It was a sidewalkless street on Marlee Ave. I couldn't get close enough to the microconfluence to make it all zeros, but it was within 10 metres, so good enough.